Enhanced Visitor Experience

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For a Deeper and Richer Visitor Experience


Our U.S. Patented ibeacon technology senses exactly where a visitor is located. It provides enhanced exhibit information. No need to search through an audio tour. A visitor can instantly listen to audio, watch a video and more.

The Benefits of Enhanced Visitor Experience include:

Expand or Enhance Exhibit Information

Do you lack exhibit space to show or tell everything they want? The Enhanced Visitor Experience Mobile App can enhance your exhibits. You can use written copy, pictures, audio and video. 

Replace Docents & Tour Guides

Do your have a difficult time finding and training docents and tour guides? Is a consistent presentation a problem? Enhanced Visitor Experience can be your tour guide. Consistent. Affordable. Simple to use. 

Up to Three Levels of Information for Each Exhibit

You can satisfy museum visitors with different levels of knowledge. Show up to three levels of exhibit information. The levels include Kids, General and Expert.  

Simple to Add Expanded Information into the Mobile App

If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you have ability to add expanded information. The process is as simple as copy and paste.

Save Money

Reduce the costs of docents and tour guides. It is expensive to recruit, train and keep good staff. Enhanced Visitor Experience is an inexpensive way to present a consistent level of information to visitors. 

The Benefits of Self Guided Tours

Easy to Use

Your visitor doesn’t need technical experience to use the Enhanced Visitor Experience Mobile App. It is simple and easy to use. 

Up to Three Levels of Exhibit Information

You can offer exhibit information that fits a visitor’s knowledge. Show up to three levels of information for each exhibit. 

Proximity-Based Technology

As a visitor walks around your exhibits the closest exhibit will move to the top. Your guest won't have to search for the information they want to see.

Visitor's Can Move at Their Own Pace

 Enhanced Visitor Experience is for people that don’t want to go on a tour. Visitors can spend more time at exhibits they are interested in. 

Multiple Ways to Learn

You can offer up to three levels of exhibit information. Visitors can see written copy, view pictures, listen to audio and watch video. The information is easy for you to put into the system.   

Saves You Money

Do you have docents and tour guides at your museum? Is it expensive to find and train them? How consistent are their presentations? If this is a challenge, Enhanced Visitor Experience may be your solution. You can offer consistent information at an affordable price.  

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