Enhanced Visitor Experience brings people and gardens together. Use the EVE Mobile App to expand a visitor's understanding of your garden and plants.

Enhanced visitor experience is perfect when

You Can't Find A Gardener


Gardeners are busy. It can be hard to find one. After all, their job is to keep the garden looking great. Finding one doesn't guarantee that he or she will have time to talk to you.

Signs Seem Complicated


Visitors are like clothing. One size doesn’t fit them all. Enhanced Visitor Experience makes it easy for you to offer up to three levels of exhibit information. Keep the information simple in one level. More advanced information in another. 

A Tour Guide Isn't Available


Tour guides and docents aren't always available. Many of them are volunteers. Others are staff members. Nearly all of them give tours at scheduled times. Enhanced Visitor Experience is there all of the time giving a consistent presentation. 

Signs Can't Tell Everything


Signs take up space. They don't add to the beauty of the garden. They are expensive and a challenge to maintain. That's why most gardens have only a few signs with limited information. Enhanced Visitor Experience solves that problem and saves you money, too.

A Visitor Goes on a Self-Guided Tour


A guided tour isn't for everyone. There are many people that prefer to walk around the garden on their own. Enhanced Visitor Experience helps visitors enjoy the garden and get the information they seek at their own pace.

Seasons Matter in a Garden


Plants change through out the year. Plants look different in the Spring than in the Fall for example. The EVE Mobile App can show how plants look at various times of the year.  

Discover How Our U.S Patented iBeacon Technology Can Help Your Museum

 You can show up to three levels of expanded exhibit information on the EVE Mobile App. You can show general information, or levels for Expert, General and Kids.

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