Introducing the EVE Mobile App™ for Museums


A New Way to Experience Museums


Introducing Enhanced Visitor Experience™ (EVE) a new way for you to see enhanced and expanded exhibit information at attraction-based organizations like museums, gardens, zoos, aquariums, historical sites and more. 

By downloading the EVE Mobile App™ on your mobile device. you are joining a community of museums, zoos, gardens and zoos who have joined a network to increase their ability to share more information and heighten your experiences at each exhibit you visit. You have joined the Enhanced Visitor Experience Community™.

A portion of your purchase goes to the first participating attraction-based organization you visit. Each year you renew that same organization will receive a portion of your purchase. 

Enhanced Visitor Experience is just getting started. 2019 is the introductory year.  New attraction-based organizations will be added throughout the year. Keep an eye on your EVE Mobile App™. You never know when a new organization will come on board. 

There are several reasons to add the EVE Mobile App™ to your mobile device. They include: 


Have you visited a community and when you returned home you learned about a museum you wish you had visited? You are not alone. It happens all the time. It is our hope we can limit this from happening as the network of Enhanced Visitor Experience Community™ museums grows. You’ll learn about new places to visit through the EVE Mobile App™ Directory and their promotions through the Promotions tab. 

Enhanced Exhibit information


Most museums lack the space to either show everything they’d like to show you or the space to tell you everything they’d like to say in an exhibit. Through EVE Mobile App™ you’ll see pictures, and video and read and hear additional information. Simply open the app, go to the museums you are visiting and click on the Exhibits tab to see the featured exhibits. Every museum in the Enhanced Visitor Experience Community has new exciting information to share with you. 

Home Page

Each museum networked into the Enhanced Visitor Experience Community has a Home Page that tells you about their organization. It’s a lot like a Home Page you will see on a web page the Internet. .


Participating museums have the ability to promote every one of their events and activities on the EVE Mobile App™. There are no restrictions. Which means by networking with the Enhanced Visitor Experience Community you will be up-to-date on their latest events, activities and reasons to visit repeatedly. 

Incentives to Visit

Some museums may choose to offer incentives to visit their location. Incentives may include gift store discounts or reduced entry prices to members who have joined the Enhanced Visitor Experience Community.