Enhanced Visitor Experience Benefit

Visibility & Discovery Network -A Perfect Addition to Your Marketing Dept.

The Power of Connectivity

"Without connectivity, nobody cares about your organization… Connectivity that’s created through a shared interest in a topic, idea, mission, purpose, or sentiment aligned with your organization’s brand and values is powerful. Otherwise, your content will likely fall on deaf ears…and certainly not inspire engagement and supportive behaviors." 

Colleen Dilenschneider, Connectivity is King, Know Your Own Bone, 

Enhanced Visitor Experience Brings People and Cultural Organizations Together

Enhanced Visitor Experience is built for discovering new museums to visit. People will use our one-of-a-kind mobile app to find you and other members. They'll read your Home Page. Learn about your activities in the Promotions area.  The Enhanced Visitor Experience Visibility & Discovery Network will help them find their way. It is a perfect fit for any museum marketing department. 


Adults Love their Mobile Phones

91% of all adult users of mobile phones keep their phones within arm’s reach for 24 hours a day. There are 5 times more mobile phones present in this world than PCs.  Facts Legend

Enhanced Visitor Experience Features


Open the EVE Mobile App and the first thing you see are the four closest Enhanced Visitor Experience member organizations. There is a directory that lists all of the EVE member organizations including museums, zoo and aquariums, gardens and more.  

Home Page

Every member organization receives a home page. This is where the EVE Mobile App user will first learn about participating museums and why he or she should plan a visit.  You can use written copy, pictures, audio and video to enhance your marketing effort. 

Unlimited Promotions

Put your marketing department to work. Use Enhanced Visitor Experience to promote all your venue on the EVE Mobile App. Connect with people who love culture. They are looking for museums and places just like your venue. Put yourself in a place to be discovered. 

About Us

Visitors can see your museums location, contact information and hours of operation. It is in the “About Us” section. 

Three Levels of Exhibit Information

Now museums can offer up to three levels of enhanced exhibit information. The levels include Kids, General and Expert. 

Visitor Data

The EVE Mobile App can capture general visitor demographic information. (We don't share personal information.) The data may be useful for marketing. It could be used for grant applications, too. 

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