Enhanced Visitor Experience is Perfect for Zoos & Aquariums

For A Richer and Deeper Visitor Experience 

Enhanced Visitor Experience is a Perfect Solution When A Visitor Can't See Animals in an Exhibit

We help you fill in the void of empty exhibits. The EVE Mobile App shows video of the animals at play. Visitors can listen to experts talking about the animals and get more exhibit information. 

Enhanced Visitor Experience - When You Lack Space for Sharing Exhibit Information

The Enhanced Visitor Experience Mobile App is a great tool to share expanded exhibit information.  We are your solution when signs get in the way and there is limited space..  We can help zoos & aquariums when there is more information than you can share on a sign. 

We Use Our U.S Patented iBeacon Technology

You can show up to three levels of expanded exhibit information on the EVE Mobile App. You can show general information, or levels for Expert, General and Kids.


Use Enhanced Visitor Experience to tell visitors at zoos & aquariums about construction and improvement projects, too.

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