Use Enhanced Visitor Experience when Visitors ...

Want To Go On Their Own Tour


The Enhanced Visitor Experience Mobile App is specially designed for self discovery. It is perfect for  people who don't want to go on a guided tour.  

Want to Hear What It Sounds Like


Is your museum like most?  Visitors can look at an exhibit, but don't touch or play. Visitors can watch and listen as the instrument is played with the EVE Mobile App. Enhancing a visitor's enjoyment of the exhibit. 

Aren't Sure What It Is


People come to museums for discovery and enlightenment. Many times museums lack the space to explain everything in an exhibit. Enhanced Visitor Experience is your docent or tour guide that can answer most of their questions.  

See A Lot Of Machinery


Do you have machinery that is demonstrated once in a while? Are you telling visitors to come back Saturday to see a demonstration?  Use Enhanced Visitor Experience to show how the equipment works while the visitor is there. 

Don't Want To Read The Written Information


Reading information from one exhibit to another can wear the brain out. Enhanced Visitor Experience can give an audio tour. We can add video, pictures and written copy, too. 

Have Limited Vision


You can enhance a blind or limited vision visitor's experience at a museum with the EVE Mobile App. You can produce audio including sound effects. Have docents and tour guides record exhibit information and more. 

Discover How Our U.S. Patented iBeacon Technology Can Help Your Museum

You can show up to three levels of expanded exhibit information on the EVE Mobile App. You can show general information, or levels for Expert, General and Kids.

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