U.S Patented ibeacon technology for a Deeper and Richer Visitor Experience

Expand exhibit information, attract new visitors, and generate revenue

Nearly Everyone in the US Has a Smart Phone

In 2018 there over 257 million in the United States used smart phones. It is estimated that number has grown to nearly 273 million in 2020.    Statista


             We love our smart phones. We have them with us for roughly 16 hours a day.                        We check them 150 times a day.    Mobile Coach

Enhanced Visitor Experience for visibility & discovery


For people looking for self- discovery at a museum. Don't want to go on a tour. Also, reduce costs of finding, training and maintaining docents and tour guides.

Zoos & Aquariums

A great substitute when the animals in the exhibit can't be seen. Our ibeacon technology replaces signs that can clutter up exhibit areas.


Gardens are beautiful. That's why gardens don't place many signs telling about exhibits. Use our U.S. Patented ibeacon technology to give a deeper and richer visitor experience without the clutter of signs. 

Historic Sites

Our ibeacon technology replaces or enhances information on display at historic sites. Enhanced Visitor Experience can be there when docents or tour guides aren't available. 


Enhanced Visitor Experience can replace or enhance placards that become tarnished by weather or ruined by graffiti. 

University Visits

For a self guided tour of the university campus. Our ibeacon technology will give a much more informational visit. No need to schedule a guided tour.

Which of these Benefits are You Looking for?

Enhanced Visitor Experience is cutting edge technology. Use the EVE Mobile App to attract visitors, improve knowledge and create new revenue.

Expand Exhibit Information


Our U.S. Patented ibeacon technology is designed to give a deeper and richer visitor experience.

Attract New Visitors


Attract people who like touring visitor venues like museums, gardens, zoos and aquariums and more.

Generate New Revenue Reduce Costs


 Our unique revenue share program makes it possible for members to turn EVE into a new revenue source.

iBeacon Technology

“For museums, galleries and public spaces, ibeacon technology is the most important development since the smartphone. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle which will change the way mobile devices are used in public spaces, and legitimise their presence in the space, rather than be perceived as a distraction from it.”

Phil Stewart, 

iBeacon Technology and Enhanced Visitor Experience


iBeacon Technology

An iBeacon is a small piece of hardware. It sends out a signal by using Blue Tooth technology. Each signal has its own individual identity. It has a radius of about 90 feet. When a visitor approaches an exhibit, the phone recognizes it. The title of the exhibit shows on the Enhanced Visitor Experience Mobile App.

Show Up To Three Levels Of Exhibit Information

You can show up to three levels of expanded exhibit information on the EVE Mobile App. You can show general information, or levels for Expert, General and Kids. 

Data Collection Made Simple

Visitor demographic information is hard to gather. Enhanced Visitor Experience can help. (We don't disclose personal information.)  

Benefits of Enhanced Visitor Experience

Your museum will become a part of the Enhanced Visitor Experience Mobile App. You basically have an app inside the EVE Mobile App. You receive all the benefits of membership. They include a Home Page, enhanced exhibit information, unlimited promotions and more. 

installing, adding & Maintaining exhibit content

Set up

It’s easy to add blue tooth ibeacons to your museum. Just hide the beacon in an exhibit where it can't be seen. It can't get easier than that.

Adding Exhibit Content

Adding exhibit information isn’t difficult. Do you know how to type in Microsoft Word? Do you know how to copy and paste into a document? It’s that simple. Or, Enhanced Visitor Experience can do it for you.

Exhibit Maintenance

Two ways to care for Enhanced Visitor Experience: 

Keep exhibit information interesting and up to date. 

Replace ibeacon batteries when they are low.

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Discover how we can help you ...

  1. Expand your exhibit information
  2. Attract new visitors 
  3. Gather Visitor data
  4. Turn all of this into a revenue source

Enhanced Visitor Experience

 See how The EVE Mobile App can help its members. Learn how you can expand exhibit information, attract new visitors and gather visitor data. 

Visibility & Discovery

Learn how you can network with other members. Work together to build a community of EVE Mobile App users who like discovering new places to visit. 

Data Collection

Are you looking for a simple way to gather visitor demographic information? EVE may be your answer. 

Enhanced Information

See how our ibeacon technology can enhance your exhibit information 

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