Enhanced Visitor Experience Community is Perfect for Museums of all Sizes


Are You Skeptical?

I don't blame you. I would be skeptical, too?

Here's why I’m making such an incredible offer:

My dream is to build a community of museums, zoos, gardens and aquariums who work together to build a community of EVE Mobile App™ users who will discover new and exciting places to visit. (Scroll down to see videos and learn more about the (EVE) Enhanced Visitor Experience Community™.) 

So, the question is, how do I go about building a community like that? I decided the best way was to just about give it away… at least in the beginning. And, that is what I’m doing.

My costs for attaining the U.S. Patent, developing the EVE Mobile App™, purchasing and programming beacons, signage, training, storage, maintenance, technical support and more cost far more than the $299 set up fee and $50 a month service fee. I’m willing to take the loss to get the Enhanced Visitor Experience Community started.

The Enhanced Visitor Experience Community is perfect for Museums of ALL sizes. No matter the size of organization there are huge benefits. There isn’t another program does what Enhanced Visitor Experience™ can do for your museum. Benefits include:

· Discovery & New Visitors 

· Data Collection

· New Revenue Source

· Expanded Exhibit Information

· Museum Mission Enhancement

(Scroll down to see videos and additional information about the Enhanced Visitor Experience Community™. )

One last thing - 

I honestly want to help every museum. I’ve taken my many years in radio broadcast and marketing experience and put it into this technology. I am sure this can fit any museum that is willing to do their part in their participation. 

All I’m asking is you give me a call and we can discuss how Enhanced Visitor Experience™ and the community we’re building can help your museum. Nearly every museum can afford $299 and $50 a month especially when, for most, the money will come back through EVE Mobile App™ sales, new visitors, memberships and donations, and cultural organization store purchases from visitors. 

Thank you for your interest,

Warren Franklin

Enhanced Visitor Experience™


Enhanced Visitor Experience

Enhanced Visitor Experience Community™ Introduction with Warren Franklin & Chris Cummings

About The Enhanced Visitor Experience Community™

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The Enhanced Visitor Experience Community™ (EVE) is a new, exciting, and U. S. Patented way to add knowledge and added experiences at museums, botanical gardens, zoos, aquariums and many other attraction-based locations.


Simply by downloading the EVE Mobile App™ on a mobile device at a participating EVE location a visitor will be able to see and hear expanded museum exhibit and display information.

We're Building A Community


The  Enhanced Visitor Experience Community™ consists of attraction-based organizations like museums, zoos, aquariums, art galleries, historic home tours and more. All of them working together to build a community of EVE Mobile App™ users who enjoy discovering new places to go and seeing and hearing valuable information. 

Visitors will love the Promotions portion of the EVE Mobile App™.  That's where they'll learn about new exhibits, promotions and added incentives to visit places they may have never heard of before.

Available Now


The Enhanced Visitor Experience™ mobile app is now available in the Android and Apple Stores.   

We are in the process of adding museums and other attraction-based organizations into our community. Contact us for amazing 2019 introductory package. Limited time offer! 


Industry Challenges

Revenue & Attendance

The National Endowment of the Arts reports attendance at U.S. art museums has decreased by 16.8 percent over the last 15 years, even as the population has grown by 33 million people. But, art museums aren't alone, across the country many attraction-based organizations including museums, art galleries, zoos, aquariums and more are searching for ways to maintain and expand attendance.


Finding new business models to sustain funding and support operations has become the top challenges for most attraction-based organizations. Over the years, I heard countless times, museum boards, staff and volunteers ask:

  • How can we increase revenue besides producing events?
  • How can we be found and seen by people who may be interested in our museum?
  • How can we increase visitor traffic to our venue?
  • How can we make offerings relevant and appealing to shifting audiences, so they will come back again and again?
  • How can we enhance our organizations' mission?
  • How do we share information when items in the exhibit can't be seen - like animals in a zoo that may be sleeping or out of sight. 
  • How do we gather relevant data about the visitor and his or her experience at our facility

Of course, the last question: How can we do this with limited staff and funding?

Exhibit Challenges?

Museum managers tell us exhibits either lack the space to show everything or to tell the full story. Some museums will load up a wall full of information.  

If your organization is experiencing this challenge, you need to check out the Enhanced Visitor Experience Community™.

It is a hassle-free way to expand and enhance your exhibit's information. 

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The Solution: The Enhanced Visitor Experience Community™


Every participating museum will have a place to promote events, activities and promotions. Through the EVE Community and its network museums will increase daily visitors, people attending special events, donations and membership.  And it will add branding, loyalty and dedication to your museum, too.

New Revenue Source

With the EVE Mobile App™ your museum can generate new revenue through a unique revenue-sharing program offered by the Enhanced Visitor Experience™. For every EVE Mobile App™ sold at the museum, your museum will receive a percentage of each app purchase. 

Every Organization Benefits

A great experience at one museum means the EVE app user will seek out other museums that feature the EVE Mobile App, too. That puts every participating museum, zoo, aquarium and garden right in the middle of an exciting new opportunity to attract new visitors and enhance their mission. 

Visibility & Discovery

Now, for the first time, museums and other attraction-based organizations can network together to build a community who will then build a community of EVE Mobile App™ users. By using the EVE Mobile App, users will discover new places to visit that offer expanded exhibit information and a great visitor experience.  

Data Collection

Data is one of the hardest things for museums to gather. We help museums with this challenge by collecting information in two ways: 1) At EVE Mobile App™ download by asking for age range, ethnic background, M-F, zip code & income range. 2) Each museum will be able to survey visitors as they leave about their experience at their facility. 

Enhanced Information

The EVE app shows expanded exhibit information at participating museums. Visitors will enjoy seeing and hearing enhanced exhibit information. As a result, they will seek out other museums through the EVE Mobile App™ where they can have a similar experience.

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