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See enhanced exhibit details, listen to special audio recordings, and watch engaging videos. Go on quests, and race your friends to the finish line. Take your homeschool co-op for an immersive learning adventure. The opportunities are endless!

Explore destinations
Learn history
Share with friends
Compete in quests

Experience your favorite places with fresh eyes.

Instead of having to search around for a sign or get a tour from the same boring guide, go at your own pace and discover new things! 

Are you looking for adventure?

Opportunity awaits just around the corner.

Scavenger Hunts

Experience your city in a new way with EVE Quests. Visit local hot spots to learn more about the history of your community all the while racing friends to get to the finish line.

Field Trips

Take your kids, co-op, or class to the museum and have hands-on access to videos and other fun facts created to engage students with education.


Look for attractions along the route of your next trip, and enjoy learning the rich history of each destination. 

How it Works

Okay, so you want to learn more and have fun. Great!
How does EVE make that possible?


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Do you manage a destination?

Bring your exhibits to life through EVE!

  • Expand or Enhance Exhibit Information
  • Replace or Supplement Tour Guides
  • Attract More Visitors

Museums • Fairs • Zoos • Aquariums • Cities • & More!

What Customers Are Saying…

Enhanced Visitor Experience has been a life saver for our organization!

“EVE has increased the knowledge of our museums to our visitors, and I don’t have to rely so much on volunteer staffing. The biggest benefit of the app has been more exposure for our visitors to learn about our 14 museums through a self-guided tour and participants enjoy using the application. As president, I feel better that our visitors are getting a much better experience for the price of admission.”

Brooks, OR

Michelle Duchateau

President, Antique Powerland Museum Association

Enhanced Visitor Experience has provided a new inventory program to support our sponsors!

“The EVE team has provided us with new inventory and a new way to support our sponsors —plus an activity that holds customers at our event longer. This is a unique program for us. The ongoing enhancements and focus on delivering value are excellent. Be sure to spend some time with the team and let them know your objectives and discover new solutions together. They will work for you to maximize your success with the program.”

Salem, OR

Jill Ingalls

Ingalls & Associates

There are so many possibilities to make a true impact on the community!

“Warren and his crew are easy to work with, knowledgeable and really have helping your community in their hearts. We couldn’t be happier …”

Silverton, Oregon

Stacy Palmer

Silverton Chamber of Commerce


Deschutes County Fairgrounds Expo Center logo