Go on a Quest!

Digital Scavenger Hunt or Passport Program

Make it easy to record each quest spot by eliminating the need for someone to stamp each kid’s entry at individual locations. The app checks off locations as you go!

Discover New Places

Quests are designed to showcase the well known and little known areas within a destination. As you work through the clues, you’ll notice things you hadn’t seen before and will gain new perspectives and knowledge along the way!

Win Amazing Prizes!

If you’re going to a fair or event already, why not do a quest that qualifies you for a fun grand prize? Learn, play, and enter to win!

Easy to Use and Simple to Understand:

When you download the app, take a minute to familiarize yourself with it. Then, navigate around the grounds without any problems. Like many at a county fair in Oregon, we are sure you’ll enjoy the experience.

For Teachers

EVE is a great educational tool. The History portion of the Enhanced Visitor Experience App can be used to review a field trip to a museum or other location with the students. After you return from the excursion, sit down and go through the locations you stopped at to spark conversation and reflection!

Going to the Museum or Zoo?

Learn all about the exhibits you visit, and have history to look back on when you get home! Bored by reading signs? Destinations can upload audio, video, and photos to make the experience, well, enhanced! More fun for you, less of the bland stuff.

Connect Besides Social Media

We’re excited to make EVE a trend across the nation and globe. When going out with friends, pull out your smart phones for a great time learning, laughing, and winning together!

Get out, and have fun!

Go on a scavenger hunt, quest, or passport program to learn, to win prizes and have a good time!