Share All You Have to Offer

With Travel Lovers, Families, & Educators

Fill the void of empty exhibits, save money on tour guides, and attract families and classes looking for more fun! It’s as simple as uploading some text, linking a video, and putting in clues for a scavenger hunt. Then, watch your visitors enjoy their enhanced experience.

Expand information
Share history
Attract visitors
Increase revenue

Spiff up your destination with new engagement

If you’ve been seeing the downward trend in visits, you’re not alone. This is a product of the digital age. So, rather than see your revenue dwindle, give the people something new and exciting.

Are your visitors looking for adventure?

Opportunity awaits just around the corner.

Scavenger Hunts

Showcase your spot in a new way with EVE Quests. Share the history with visitors with clues and stops at local hot spots. They’ll be off to the races in no time!

Field Trips

Invite classes, homeschool co-ops, and families to have hands-on access to videos and other fun facts. Create content to engage students with education.


Give app users an exciting variety of attractions along the route of their next trip, and enjoy educating them on the rich history of each destination. 

How it Works

Okay, so you want to take your destination to the next level. Great!
How does EVE make that possible?


Reach Out


Add Your Content


Save & Earn

How do you make money with EVE?

Bring your exhibits to life through EVE!

The EVE Mobile App is free to download. Users can see a directory, member home pages and contact information. However, member organizations have a choice. They can offer their expanded exhibit information for free or charge a small fee to generate new revenue.

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Small Fee to See

You have a choice between offering in-app purchases or selling an entry code at your destination to visitors. They’ll type the code in to gain access to your quest, exhibit information, or passport program. A portion of each purchase will stay with your organization.

Free to See

Free to See means visitors won’t pay to see your expanded exhibit information on the Enhanced Visitor Experience museum mobile app. There is a setup and monthly service fee to get started.

What Customers Are Saying…

Enhanced Visitor Experience has provided a new inventory program to support our sponsors!

“The EVE team has provided us with new inventory and a new way to support our sponsors —plus an activity that holds customers at our event longer. This is a unique program for us. The ongoing enhancements and focus on delivering value are excellent. Be sure to spend some time with the team and let them know your objectives and discover new solutions together. They will work for you to maximize your success with the program.”

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