STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Mathematics

The Marion County Fair annually runs a STEAM Quest or Passport program for kids. The program involved kids, along with their parents, visiting STEAM oriented areas around the fair. The kids would pick up a paper that had the locations listed, answer a question related to each location and received a stamp for visiting that location. The kids would turn in the fully stamped papers to enter for a prize.

The Challenge:

The STEAM Quest required many volunteers to conduct the event. Each location required a person to tell the kid whether they were right or wrong, why, and then stamp the paper. There was also a need to have volunteers who signed up the kids and helped them get started. It was an all day, everyday effort. Finding volunteers to fill the spots was a challenge.
The fair was looking for an easier and simpler way to conduct their STEAM Quest.

The Solution:

The Enhanced Visitor Experience (EVE) Mobile App fit their needs. Kids and their parents were met at the fair entrance, the EVE Mobile app loaded onto the mobile device. A quick demo of how the app worked and kids and parents were set. The app included audio, written copy, and pictures for each STEAM location they visited on the fairgrounds. Each location included a True or False or multiple choice question in the app. It was simple and easy to use. Once completed, a congratulation message would show up on the mobile device with the opportunity to enter for the grand prize. There was a place where parents could check that would allow the fair to contact them for other events throughout the year.

The Result:

Comments from everyone participating was positive with some saying the fair should do the STEAM Passport Program the EVE Mobile app every year.