Powerland Heritage Park is a large complex of 14 museums and many other attractions. It is open from March through September each year. It will also hold special events throughout the year even when the facility is closed for the Winter.

The Challenge:

Only a few of the museums are open at any time during most of the year at Powerland Heritage Park. The only time all the museums are open at one time is during the Great Oregon Steam Up the last weekend in July and first weekend in August. Generally, when a visitor comes to Powerland Heritage Park all they will see is the open museums and a lot of buildings locked up.

The Solution:

Each visitor is asked to load the Enhanced Visitor Experience (EVE) Mobile App on their phone. They are given a free code to put into the app to take a self-guided tour around the facility. The EVE Mobile App contains 20 locations with information about all the museums and many other locations around the facility. Visitors can see pictures, video, and learn about each location even when they are closed improving their experience at Powerland Heritage Park.